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Superheroes are made.

Superheroes aren't born.
They are made!

'The greatest power on earth is the magnificent power we all possess. The power of the human brain.'

This is a popular quote by the Marvel character Charles Xavier in the blockbuster movie X-Men. He is the professor at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning where they teach their students how to harness the powers they already possess, but can't control.

When they are in control, they become superheroes.

(Re)discover your skills!
The Future Work Skills Academy's programs actually work in the same way!
We just enhance your human skills and show you how to use them to be superheroes at work. We don't teach you how to fly or shoot laser with your eyes. But we do teach you how to make the most from your human skills like...
Empathy | Visualisation | Communication | Problem Solving
Sensing | Creativity | Problem Framing | Collaboration | Insight
Get to know our Faculties
The human+ faculty focusses on developing self-awareness, personal insight, and building confidence in your unique human capabilities.

4 of the world's leading experts in the skills of Social Intelligence, Visual SenseMaking, Design Mindset and Novel & Adaptive Thinking have designed immersive, work-based learning experiences that will unleash your creativity , empathy, and problem framing and solving skills for engagement in the Future of Work. Available flying solo (entirely self-paced, independent learning micro credentials) or as part of our Optimising Human Performance or 100% Adaptive Global Leaders and Super Teams Programs.
There's absolutely no doubt that the Future of Work is going to involve a new generation of work tools and the workplace superhero needs agency and confidence in deploying these to create value.

We aren't all going to be coders or build apps or create the next tech startup but we are going to have to understand the fundamental principles of 21st century workplace technology.

2 of the world's leading experts in the skills of Computational Thinking & Cognitive Load Management lead the the humanx Faculty: creating learning programs designed to give you agency in the digital workplace of the future.
The human* Faculty exists in recognition that the Future of Work will involve operating across cultures and physical dimensions in teams from multiple skills domains all whilst utilising new media literacies.

4 of the world's leading experts in the skills of Transdisciplinarity, Cross Cultural Competence, Virtual Collaboration and New Media Literacy have created unique and engaging learning content to build your 21st workplace super powers of collaboration.
Hear from our superhero graduates