The 20th Century saw significant improvement in measures of human well being. But not for everyone.

Luke Muehlhauser is a researcher and commentator with a particular interest in social sciences, global catastrophic risks, and the myriad technical and philosophical issues facing us in the 21st Century. He wrote an excellent article in which he plotted metrics of human well being across centuries. The most startling aspect of his research is the exponential growth in these metrics after the Industrial Revolution

But unpacking these metrics tells another story. Advancement hasn't occurred at the same pace in every corner of the world. And for many groups the promise offered by the technologies of successive waves of the Industrial Revolution has never materialised.

In this, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the threat of marginalisation for groups already suffering from poor social and economic inclusion is very real. 

Given we are into the superhero narrative here at the Future Work Skills Academy we thought it only right that we build a business model that ensured our programs were available to those that need them most but who may not have the means to access them.

And the One-for-One (141) concept was born. We team up with organisations who represent cohorts with huge human potential who just need a hand up.  The idea is simple, For every course we run half the places are set aside for participants from our partners. 

Because the future belongs to everyone.

Where veterans unlock their super powers.

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