We’re about creating 21st Century workplace superheroes.

Our home is the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. A place where we consciously chose to live in response to substantial research indicating that creativity; in fact connecting with our humanness, flourishes in fresh air, sunshine and with the sand under our feet. So, our life is awesome but who are we?

The Future Work Skills Academy is a training provider that enables ordinary people to extract value from their uniquely human skills. In an age of accelerating change we offer learning programs that build a bridge to greater fulfilment and purpose in work.

We have adopted the narrative of the Marvel superhero genre as we see distinct parallels between the superheroes of these stories and the human worker in the machine age. Born human but with unique powers the Marvel characters only find their true potential when they understand, accept and gain agency in these powers.

Through 150 years of industrial education we have lost sight of what absolutely supreme beings we really are, how our talents are unsurpassed by any machine and how every one of us has something unique to offer.

In an age where the world is facing myriad, complex challenges, where opportunities for adding uniquely human value in the workplace are on the rise, it is time to don your cape and join us.






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Talented and Unique Human Collaborators
Donna and CJ

It started with a training need and a huge gap in the market.

As CEO of a sales enablement company managing global human capital development programs Donna Eiby regularly scanned the horizon for signals of rising skills needs in her target cohorts. 

In 2015, it became apparent that a unique combination of factors - globalisation, virtual work, exponential technological change and a new Industrial Revolution - conspired to create a rising demand for uniquely human skills. But where were the training programs?  After a  global search came up short on solutions Donna decided to create her own. She travelled the world looking for experts in uniquely human skills and formed an agile, adaptive (and growing) coalition of people dedicated to building a bridge to humans and the Future of Work. And the Future Work Skills Academy was born.

A truly agile, adaptive, global coalition.

From day one we decided to deliver skills development for the Future of Work we had to behave like the Future of Work. But what does that mean?

We are diverse by gender (including gender orientation), ethnicity, culture, country plus we strive for cognitive diversity. We are agile, constantly learning, questioning. We are inclusive, we behave with Social and Emotional Intelligence. And we give back to the world in which we operate.

Above all we strive to create programs that positively change people, that build their confidence and self belief. All the while having fun.

Being part of The Future Work Skills Academy is an exciting adventure of collaboration and experimentation with a group of very talented individuals across the world. Sounds like what the Future of Work is all about in itself!

Elizabeth Pastor and GK Van Patter(Sensemakers, Humantific, New York), Brooklyn Shipyards
Cláudia Queirós (Visual Designer, Porto), Portugal
Heather McGowan (Transdisciplinarity, Boston), Melbourne
Wendy Knobel (best friend and collaborator, Gold Coast), Sydney
Johannes Meyer (Design Mindset, Berlin) Mitte, Berlin
Andreas Nielsen (Filmography, Post production, Berlin), Das Stu, Berlin
Nestor Marquez (collaborator, South America), Mexico

I love working with both the team and the talents, and I'm happy to say that I am even learning some new skills myself!

Kicki and Daniel (Digital Marketing), Piteå, Sweden
Cameron McPhee (Photo Illustrator), Brisbane
Dr Sandeep Atre (Social Intelligence, Indore), Potts Point

When experts team up and create synergy, the world is indeed our oyster. When technology enables their reach, geography is history. Well, what better than to experience it all first-hand, and make a difference to people’s lives and work! I am loving it! :-)

Antonio Arrabas (Illustrator) Madrid
Tyler Foster (collaborator) virtual conference, Canada
Syed ShahRukh (animator) Pakistan

The Future Work Skills Academy is global collaboration. I can’t put into words how amazing it has been creating new skills training for the Future of Work while being a part of that future.

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