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In this program entrepreneur and Creative Thinking Guru CJ Mills is your guide on this fascinating journey designed to accelerate your Novel & Adaptive Thinking skill set. You will learn meta-cognition (awareness and understanding of thinking processes) the different types of thinking, how we are cognitively constrained and how this plays out in our ability to frame and solve problems. You will be introduced to Novel Thinking - the skill of creating something fresh out of that which already exists.

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    As the world becomes increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous, your uniquely human skills will become an essential catalyst for driving value in the organisations you serve . This Program is entirely devoted to understanding and controlling these skills.

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    Gain the essential skills of empathy, sensemaking, situational adaptability, social and emotional intelligence, collaboration, problem framing and solving, and how to design, manage and lead virtual communities.

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CJ Mills

Novel & Adaptive Thinking Skills Coach

Hi, I’m Cecilio ‘C.J.’ Mills your FWSA Novel and Adaptive Thinking Skills Coach. I have a deep, deep passion for competition, giving knowledge, and helping increase self-sufficiency. I am the Founder & Principal Consultant for Creative Adaptive Thinking, a solutions design firm that happens to teach project management. I have served in Program/Project Management roles in R&D, High Tech, Enterprise Security, Construction, Government, Non-profit, and Education. I combine creative thinking with a disciplined, calculated approach to architect innovative solutions for clients.