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  • human+ Flying Solo is a learning program focussed on building agency in 4 out of the 10 skills identified by the Institute for the Future as essential for purposeful and fulfilling engagement in the workplace disrupted by 4IR technology (and other factors such as pandemics, and an ageing population and globalisation and virtual and gig work and climate change...). These courses have been developed by 4 of the world's leaders in these skills. The Program includes the latest learning modalities, micro video lessons, engaging and interactive learning materials and some low complexity assessments - all available online. This self-paced version allows you to consume the course content at your own pace anytime, anywhere.  

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    Self-paced, digital, micro credentials developed by leading global skills experts

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    Self-paced learning journey so you decide when and where you learn

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    As the world becomes increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous, your uniquely human skills will become an essential catalyst for driving value in the organisations you serve . This Program is entirely devoted to understanding and controlling these skills.

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    Get exclusive access to online instructional videos, activities, podcasts and articles built exclusively for the Future Work Skills Academy by world skills leaders.

  • Get ahead with 21st Century skills

    Gain the essential skills of empathy, sensemaking, situational adaptability, social and emotional intelligence, collaboration, problem framing and solving, and how to design, manage and lead virtual communities.

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Learn from the Best

Elizabeth Pastor

Visual SenseMaking Coach

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Pastor your FWSA Visual SenseMaking Skills Coach. My passion lies in helping people to learn, understand and make sense of complex situations in new and inclusive ways. Co-founder of Humantific in New York and I have an international profile as an innovation leader, designer, facilitator, and educator with a unique expertise in Visual SenseMaking and Strategic Co-Creation.

CJ Mills

Novel & Adaptive Thinking Skills Coach

Hi, I’m Cecilio ‘C.J.’ Mills your FWSA Novel and Adaptive Thinking Skills Coach. I have a deep, deep passion for competition, giving knowledge, and helping increase self-sufficiency. I am the Founder & Principal Consultant for Creative Adaptive Thinking, a solutions design firm that happens to teach project management. I have served in Program/Project Management roles in R&D, High Tech, Enterprise Security, Construction, Government, Non-profit, and Education. I combine creative thinking with a disciplined, calculated approach to architect innovative solutions for clients.

Dr Sandeep Atre

Social Intelligence Skills Coach

Hi, I am Dr. Sandeep Atre your FWSA Social Intelligence Skills Coach. I am passionate about helping people understand themselves holistically, connect to each other in meaningful ways, and unleash their potential as individuals and as members of teams. I am the Founder of Socialigence – a venture that specialises in the development of Social Intelligence’ through online-courses and workshops. I am also author of two books – ‘Understanding Emotions Logically’ and ‘Observing Nonverbal Behavior’. Over the past 15 years, I have customised the concepts of Social Intelligence and interpersonal communication and found joy in transferring the power of Social Intelligence to people across the world.

Johannes Meyer

Design Mindset Coach

Hi, I am Johannes Meyer, your FWSA Design Mindset Skills Coach; I help people and their organizations solve problems and create new products, services and experiences using design approaches. A Design Thinking & Innovation Facilitator from Berlin, Germany, I teach and coach to enable people look at their challenges, customers and colleagues in new ways.