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'Always be yourself. UNLESS you can be a superhero. Then be a superhero'.

  • Well, not exactly. We are all superheroes in our own right. But have you ever intentionally honed in on and refined your uniquely human capabilities? It's quite a challenging process and we are here to help.  

    Registrations for the human+ Bootcamp Australia 2020 Program are now open!! 

    Changes wrought by automation throw into question the role of human workers. In response, this Program has been designed by leading experts in the work skills of the future to ensure you and your teams are positioned to take advantage of a renewed appreciation of uniquely human skills. 

    This 7-week program blending online facilitated sessions, self-paced content and a one day in person workshop with 4 fabulous coaches is a fail-safe way to hone your human superpowers.  

    Want to know more? Read the detailed outline below 👇, check out our FAQs 👇 or enjoy a Free Preview ☝.

The h+ Bootcamp Program

Framing and Solving Workplace Challenges!

Introducing the human + Framework

Program Content

Fast Facts

  • Duration & Access

    7 weeks online, one full day physical workshop with 4 Coaches. Online program effort approximately 2 hours a week. 365 days content access.

  • Facilitator Support

    Weekly online check ins with your Facilitator and virtual support

  • human + Framework

    Practice the application of the h+ Framework and add it to your tools for problem framing & solving

  • Team-based challenge

    Work in teams to apply the h+ Framework to a workplace challenge

  • Certificate

    Complete program assessments and receive a certificate from Accredible

  • One day live workshop with 4 Coaches

    Take your skills up another level with this one day workshop where you will work in teams to apply the h+ Framework to a workplace challenge.


Donna P.A. Eiby

Academic & Creative Director Future Work Skills Academy

Hi, my name is Donna P.A. Eiby and I am the founder of the Future Work Skills Academy. My days are spent collaborating with specialists globally to develop and deliver engaging learning experiences designed to enhance your uniquely human skills. It is my privilege to join you on your learning journey.


Elizabeth Pastor

Visual SenseMaking Coach

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Pastor your FWSA Visual SenseMaking Skills Coach. My passion lies in helping people to learn, understand and make sense of complex situations in new and inclusive ways. Co-founder of Humantific in New York and I have an international profile as an innovation leader, designer, facilitator, and educator with a unique expertise in Visual SenseMaking and Strategic Co-Creation.

CJ Mills

Novel & Adaptive Thinking Skills Coach

Hi, I’m Cecilio ‘C.J.’ Mills your FWSA Novel and Adaptive Thinking Skills Coach. I have a deep, deep passion for competition, giving knowledge, and helping increase self-sufficiency. I am the Founder & Principal Consultant for Creative Adaptive Thinking, a solutions design firm that happens to teach project management. I have served in Program/Project Management roles in R&D, High Tech, Enterprise Security, Construction, Government, Non-profit, and Education. I combine creative thinking with a disciplined, calculated approach to architect innovative solutions for clients.


Dr Sandeep Atre

Social Intelligence Skills Coach

Hi, I am Dr. Sandeep Atre your FWSA Social Intelligence Skills Coach. I am passionate about helping people understand themselves holistically, connect to each other in meaningful ways, and unleash their potential as individuals and as members of teams. I am the Founder of Socialigence – a venture that specialises in the development of Social Intelligence’ through online-courses and workshops. I am also author of two books – ‘Understanding Emotions Logically’ and ‘Observing Nonverbal Behavior’. Over the past 15 years, I have customised the concepts of Social Intelligence and interpersonal communication and found joy in transferring the power of Social Intelligence to people across the world.

Johannes Meyer

Design Mindset Coach

Hi, I am Johannes Meyer, your FWSA Design Mindset Skills Coach; I help people and their organizations solve problems and create new products, services and experiences using design approaches. A Design Thinking & Innovation Facilitator from Berlin, Germany, I teach and coach to enable people look at their challenges, customers and colleagues in new ways.

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  • Where did this program come from?

    The h+ Bootcamp is the culmination of 3 years of development, prototyping, iteration and refinement by the team at the Future Work Skills Academy.

  • Great, so who is the Future Work Skills Academy?

    We are the only training provider in the world dedicated to developing learning programs for the skills required for the Future of Work. But not just any skills; our interest lies in developing agency in uniquely human skills.

  • Who is involved in the Academy?

    The organisation was founded by educators and is populated by a global coalition of skills experts on those skills identified by the Institute for the Future, the World Economic Forum and a host of other organisations as THE in-demand skills for the 21st century human worker.

  • But I thought robots were going to take all our jobs?

    Well, yes and no. Robots (not just robots but machines using artificial intelligence as example) WILL take on more tasks within the workforce that is for sure. These tasks, however, are routine cognitive; activities that have repeatable patterns and don't require sensing, or insight, or imagination or anything... human!

  • So you are saying humans will have something to do in the future workplace?

    That is exactly what we are saying! Automation will see a reduction in boring work and an increasing role for humans to do what we are good at. That's not all though. We are going to have to learn to work WITH machines in different ways. And we will definitely have to learn to work effectively with other humans. Collaboration will be an essential means through which 21st century human workers deliver value back to their organisations.

  • There seems a lot to do in this Program. How much time should I put aside?

    Yes, there is a ton of content in the program but we have very deliberately broken everything down into micro-bites of learning content to make comprehension and recall more effective. If you do a couple of minutes every few days you will definitely keep on track with the schedule.

  • Is the content all online?

    Yes, and available anytime, anywhere. We also have a weekly check in with your Facilitator. In these sessions we will cover topics related to the Future of Work and also the skills scheduled for that week of the program. Of course the one day workshop at the end of the Program is in person!

  • What is the difference between the online and in-person training?

    There is a lot of learning science associated with uniquely human (or soft skills which is not what we call them here at the Academy). We took this on board in developing this program. Here's a summary of key themes: 1. Self-paced skills infusion (just getting your head around what the skills mean) is the best place to start. 2. Online learning supported by a facilitator is more effective than just learning on your own. 3. Applying the learnings to real life situations is a useful way of gaining agency in skills. 4. Learning in virtual teams is more effective than going it alone. 5. Increased agency occurs when self-paced learning is followed by trainer-led, in-person workshops with hands-on application of skills to a real-world scenario.

  • Can we just do the Workshop?

    We trialed this program across the world and found substantial increase in recall and retention for those groups doing the online segment before the in-person workshop. Those who just attended the workshop without doing the online program did not get as much out of the experience.

  • Is is really possible to learn 'soft' skills?

    In short, yes. There is significant research evidencing that humans can learn uniquely human skills just like any skill.

  • Shouldn't I be learning coding for the Future of Work?

    It will depend if you want to be a software engineer. And yes the number of these jobs will grow faster than any other in the labour market. But research is clear: software engineers are part of a growing number of workers who inhabit hybrid jobs. And what is a hybrid job? One which requires both technical and uniquely humans skills.

  • I can't make it this time. Will the coaches visit Australia again?

    Yes, the Program will return after it is run in the US, Europe, Asia, the UK and Latin America. At this point they are scheduled to be in Australia again in 2022.

  • Why the superhero theme?

    The answer is kind of long so we will offer the short version here. We feel that the 20th century did a disservice to humanity. Yes, loads of great things happened (including the introduction of superheroes into popular culture). It is our belief that industrialisation resulted in education and work that de-humanised us, shut us off from delivering our unique value. Comic geeks will tell you the difference between Marvel and DC characters is that Marvel superheroes are humans with unique powers that they only benefit from if they learn to control them. Without any particular focus on learning human skills our education systems have largely ignored our huge potential. At the Academy we are dedicated to making the superhero human worker the success story of the 21st century.

Hear from our superhero graduates

“The human+ program eases the fears many people have about the future workplace changing with automation and digitization. This program very eloquently and compellingly shows how inherently human skills are a must in the future workplace and how human capabilities can not be substituted with technology. Each unit in the program showcases how human qualities increase the value and advancement of the workplace. This program is a necessary reminder of what makes us inherently human, unique, adaptive and creative as the world around us changes.”

Kiran Shoker

“This course focuses on an important series of skills necessary for work in the future. The group assignment greatly enhanced my learning through the practice of these skills. ”

Denise Nowicki

“A wonderful thank you to Donna and your Team for all the time you invest in us. Life would be dry without learning and growth. As good wine matures with age, so shall the inputs and seed you've sown in us.”

Onyedikachi Ude

“It was awesome learning experience!”

Priyanka Gulati

“I really enjoyed the course and learning new techniques which I will be working on going forward.”

Bernadette Canniffe

“I have learned a valuable set of skills that I look forward to using in both my professional and personal life.”

Christopher Moges

“The amount of self-awareness I gained through the human+ program has allowed me to deliver greater value back to my organization. It was awesome!”

Manny Gigante

“Great program providing an in-depth look at “soft skills” needed not only for positive interactions in the workplace, but in everyday life. ”

Lisa Strong

“human+ provides different tools to deal with the human aspects of any system. Delivered by skills specialists from around the world it is like having access to your dream human library.”

Ashwani Kumar Sinha

“human+ has pushed the envelop and expanded my knowledge on empathy and skills required for the 4IR, my understanding has broadened, illuminated. An absolute must for every Agile work environment. Love it.”

Onyedikachi Ude