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We train 21st Century workplace superheroes.
Welcome to the Future Work Skills Academy!!

We are in a time of accelerated change and we all require new skills to create value in a dramatically altered world. To thrive you will need to learn continuously, unlock your creativity, and become an adept collaborator. You need 21st century skills for a 21st century world. But what is it that makes particular humans great? What is it about certain individuals throughout history that elevates them above all others? Well for a start they change the world.

As Confucius said in order to change the world we need to attend to our interior being. We need to get better at being human! But where do you start? How do attend to becoming a better version of you? Well definitely not in a 20th century education setting! That's where the Future Work Skills Academy comes in. We are dedicated to designing, developing and delivering engaging skill-building programs for 21st century workplace superheroes.

Learning Experiences
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